Moonrock CBD Chocolates 200mg

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Product Description

Original Flavors


Cookies and Dreams

Drift into childhood dreams with a scrumptious core of crumbled cookies swimming in cream and covered in white chocolate.

Cosmic Caramel

Fly through the cosmos when you reach the smooth caramel core coated with creamy white chocolate.

Moonshadow Mint

Walk on the moon & discover the satisfying taste of a cool peppermint core drenched in white chocolate.

The Moonrock

An out of this world chocolate treat with a delicious milk chocolate core that will leave you craving more!


Cereal Lineup

Crater Berry Crunch

Ahoy, Mateys! The captain blew it out of the water with this berry, buttery, crunchy goodness!

Moon Pebbles

Every color of the rainbow, every fruity & juicy flavor jam packed into creamy, mouth watering white chocolate.

Cinnamoon Toast Rocks

Cinnamon and sugar infused treats with the crunch you can’t resist!

Peanut Butter Blast Off

Blast into outer space with creamy peanut butter deliciousness. It’s what you’ll crave!

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