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Having confidence in the quality of the product is of huge importance when selecting the CBD that you plan to incorporate into your daily routine! It’s also the financially responsible thing to do to verify that you’re actually getting what you’re paying for by having a way to verify that what is presented on the label matches up with what’s in the bottle! Fortunately, CoAs or Certificates of Analysis are here to get you the info you need. A CoA is a report that provides information on the molecular makeup of a CBD product - showing the amounts of the various cannabinoids present. Remember that not all manufacturers are as meticulous as others, so it’s critically important to check the CoA of the products you’re considering for every purchase.


A CoA is by nature very “sciencey”. After all, they are produced by scientists and lab technicians! So how are we supposed to interpret this scientific document? It’s actually easier than you might think! We’ll start at the top and go through all of the important information that these documents provide! Below you’ll find an actual COA for a CBD Concentrate. We know - it looks complicated - but don’t worry! By the time we’re done explaining you’ll be a pro at reading a CoA! Read on!


Below the testing lab’s identification, you’ll find information about the product, the test performed, who performed the test, and for which manufacturer. Each CoA is given a certificate ID - useful to identify the test in question in a case of disputed results. Information about the product tested includes the manufacturer’s ID of the product, the product’s lot number, and a general classification of the type of product being tested. Dates are provided both for when the sample was received as well as when the actual testing was performed, the name and signature of the lab supervisor verifying the results, pictures of both the product in the packaging received and a sample of the product itself.


Keep going further down the CoA and we’ll find the information we’re really interested in! The cannabinoid profile lists the cannabinoids of particular interest and the concentrations they are found in within the tested sample. The fine print below the chart provides some information on the meanings of the abbreviations used in the chart as well as information on how the figures presented were calculated. For instance, the abbreviation “ND” we find out, means “None detected above the limits of detection”. So for the first list item, Delta9-THC, we see that there is no significant concentration of this molecule in the provided sample.


So, a good rule of thumb? Don’t pay if there’s no CoA! Another point to note is to always check the date, lot number, and even the photograph of the packaging. If you notice that the test date was a long time ago, that the lot number doesn’t match, or that the product packaging has changed - the CoA may be invalid. Remember that CBD comes from plants that, just like people, are all unique individuals with their own individual chemical compositions. This means it is crucial to verify that the test performed is still accurate for the product you intend on purchasing.


At The Groove, we take CoAs very seriously! That’s why we provide a link to the CoA Page right on the product page for each and every CBD product we carry. Make sure to check out these treasure troves of information and you’ll always be shopping with confidence! This might be a great time to look around the Groove site and put the information you just learned to use - read those CoAs!

Lab Test Sheets
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CBD Edibles

Just CBD Assorted Bears 250mg

Just CBD Cherry 250mg

Just CBD Worms 250mg

Just CBD Watermelon Rings 250mg

Just CBD Sour Worms 250mg

Just CBD Peach Rings 250mg

Just CBD Bears 1000mg

Just CBD Peach Rings 1000mg

Just CBD Sour Worms 1000mg

Just CBD Licorice 2000mg



CBD Lion Tinctures

CBD Lion 250mg Tincture

CBD Lion 500mg Lemon AM / Strawberry AM

CBD Lion 500mg Grape PM/Blueberry PM

CBD Lion 500mg Tincture

CBD Lion 1000mg Tincture

CBD Lion 2000mg Tincture


Hemp Lucid CBD Tinctures

Hemp Lucid Hempseed 250mg (1)

Hemp Lucid Hempseed 250mg (2)

Hemp Lucid Hempseed 250mg (3)

Hemp Lucid Hempseed 250mg (4)

Hemp Lucid Hempseed 500mg (1)

Hemp Lucid Hempseed 500mg (2)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 250mg (1)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 250mg (2)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 250mg (3)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 500mg (1)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 500mg (2)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 500mg (3)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 1000mg (1)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 1000mg (2)

Hemp Lucid Water Soluble 1000mg (3)

Hemp Lucid MCT 250mg (1)

Hemp Lucid MCT 250mg (2)

Hemp Lucid MCT 250mg (3)

Hemp Lucid Vape Drip 300mg 


Just CBD Tinctures

Just CBD Honey Tincture 250mg


Pachamama CBD Tinctures

Pachamama Goji 750mg

Pachamama Goji 750mg (2)

Pachamama Goji Cacao 1750mg

Pachamama Green Tea Enchinacea 750mg

Pachamama Green Tea Enchinacea 1750mg

Pachamama Kava Kava Valerian 750mg

Pachamama Kava Kava Valerian 1750mg

Pachamama The Natural 750mg

Pachamama The Natural 1750mg


CBD Topical

CBD Daily Candle

CBD Daily Conditioner

CBD Daily Intensive Cream

CBD Daily Intensive Cream: Lavender

CBD Daily Salve Lip Balm

CBD Daily Shampoo

CBD Daily Soothing Serum

CBD Daily Soothing Serum: Lavender

CBD Daily Triple Strength Cream

CBD Daily Massage Lotion

Pachamama 300mg CBD Body Lotion

Pachamama 500mg CBD Icy Muscle Gel

Pachamama 850mg CBD Pain Cream 


CBD Vapable

CBD Lion Cherry Pie Shatter

CBD Lion Ghost Train Haze Pen

CBD Lion Ghost Train Haze Cartridge (1)

CBD Lion Ghost Train Haze Cartridge (2)

CBD Lion Ghost Train Haze Shatter

CBD Lion Jack Herer Shatter

CBD Lion Lemon Squeeze Shatter

CBD Lion Sour Diesel Shatter

CBD Lion Sour Tangie Cartridge

CBD Lion Sour Tangie Shatter

Pachamama Goji 750mg (1)

Pachamama Goji 750mg (2)


CBD Smokable

Canna Comforts Preroll BAOX

Canna Comforts Preroll The Wife

Canna Comforts Preroll Berry Blossom

CBD Smokes Menthol / Regular

Myrtle Creek Naturals Flower

Post Malone Shaboink

Sherbinski Hemp Smokes

Tegridy Hemp Flower: Acid Rock

Tegridy Hemp Flower: Otto

Tegridy Hemp Flower: RNA

Banana Bread CBD Flower

Cherrywine CBD Flower

Gorilla Glue CBD Flower

Jack Frost CBG Flower

John Snow CBG Flower

La Creme CBG Flower

Lemon Cream Diesel CBG Flower

Mimosa CBG Flower

Pineapple Haze CBD Flower

Purple Gas CBD Flower

Sour Diesel CBD Flower

Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

White Widow CBG Flower

Zkittles CBD Flower




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